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How to Sell Your Product on Social Media

Appeal to the senses, not the wallet:

Saving time, saving money, peace of mind and quicker results are what people care about. Can you imagine how many times a day someone see's the "buy me" without the "why"? Get intentional about cutting through the noise by appealing to the things people care about. In a nutshell, how can someone save time, save money, gain peace of mind or get to their result quicker with your offering. Then honey make it plain and scream it from the mountain tops.

Tell people what to do:

Contrary to popular belief, people aren't as "automatic" as you think they are. I can't tell you how many beautiful posts I have seen that stay "beautiful", because someone forgot to tell me what to do, or where to go for their offering. Frustrating, much? This point is pretty simple, add a little line that says, "visit the link in my bio to get 10% off", or "See how my product has helped others by visiting my site!". We've waited our entire lives to tell people what to do, don't forget to add it to your social sales strategy.

Make it about the lifestyle, not the product/service:

Now here's my favorite. There's only so many photos you can post of your body butter or graphics of your digital ebook. Get creative about the lifestyle of your product, so that you can find even more ways to relate to your potential client or customer. What do I mean? What's the result of the body butter use? What can someone do with the extra time you've saved them for your e-book? All it takes is one golden post, where they feel you are talking directly to them or their needs, to see those conversions start racking up.