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Are you suffering from comparison-itis?

comparison-itis, noun, the temporary habit of comparing your entrepreneurial journey to others. *Opens Instagram*, to yet another post that makes me feel like sh*t. I have to be honest here. Instagram has been the single most anxiety driven tool in my life. Let me be clear, it’s not my personal page full of cute babies and my gorgeous line sisters, it’s the business one. The account that constantly has me comparing my entrepreneurial journey to others. Right now, in this moment, I am writing this post because I am feeling a bit fatigued by "the announcements”, “the moves”, “the glow ups" and how often I find myself divulging in the lives of everyone else. Yes, I’m everyone’s biggest cheerlea

Let's Stop with The Bad Habits

I’ve finally come to the realization that I am only one person. And as far as this solo act is concerned, the multitude of requests for phone calls, coffee dates, text message meetings and FaceTime calls are sucking up my time, so much, that I don’t have time to learn more valuable things to teach you. Plus, regardless of whether most will understand that concept, I am finishing this year and opening next year with a do-away of all of these bad habits. And. So. Should. You. Any way, instead of my poor choice of helping the old inefficient way, I will take questions and answer them with my posts. Why? Because the likelihood that someone else has the same question is highly possible. And clear

Ask Me Anything

Ask me a question and it could be my next fully researched and helpful ass blog post.

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