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Get Professional Product Photos for Under $10

I spend a lot of time (probably far more than the average person) photographing and flat laying for Instagram. I love it, it’s therapy for me. Kind of like some of y'all and Netflix. However, most people don't know that my foundation in marketing + communications come from my photography + design background, so I have a trained eye for composition, lighting and overall aesthetics. But let’s be real, I know for the average person, this is not an easy feat. So, guess what? I found you a solution! A cant get this wrong solution. A, if I see some more tacky product shots, it’s on you solution. A solution that if you skipped the “4 for 4” twice at Wendy’s you could probably swing it. A solution t

Guide to Custom Boxes For Your Product

**everything in this article is my own opinion. I have not been sponsored or compensated in anyway for these thoughts, recommendations and opinions. The single most “asked’ question of my time in the subscription box business was, “Where do you get boxes printed?”. And since, I am planning to launch the digital version of my “Subscription Box Masterclass” soon, I figured I would give you all a taste. This blog post is for those of you who will continue to ask, or are curious about getting started in custom packaging + boxes. Different Types of Printing Before I hop into the different printers, I first want to introduce you to the different types of printing so that you understand pricing: Li

Why, even Oprah, needs someone to hold her accountable?

It’s not a mystery that I love Oprah. Like, L-O-V-E. She’s been the center of black excellence, and especially back women excellence for years. I admire her in ways that you do - for her success, her love for giving + her ability to shoot a magazine cover like no other. But outside of the norm, I LOVE her infectious personality, her value of friendship + relationships, and her oh so easy ways of dropping some "chill bump wisdom". Speaking of this, and of course getting to the point of this post, here’s something Oprah has said about something I believe is key to success - mentorship: ...I think mentors are important and I don’t think anybody makes it in the world without some form of mentors

Entrepreneur, here’s a stream of revenue you haven’t considered...

So, we’re getting to the point where we’ve stopped valuing social media “building” so much. I’ve seen a plethora of posts on how some entrepreneurs in my circle are stepping back from social, and revving up the income game. Pushing services, working on sales copy and improving processes. Cool. Makes sense. But, let’s not act too fast. This audience you’ve built should not go to waste. Instead, let’s do what we love best - monetize it. Use the “likes” and “comments” in a way that actually adds to your new revenue goals. In my world, and now yours, it’s called influencer marketing. So what’s influencer marketing? Essentially, it’s the act of working with a brand/service who wants more exposu

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