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Get Professional Product Photos for Under $10

I spend a lot of time (probably far more than the average person) photographing and flat laying for Instagram. I love it, it’s therapy for me. Kind of like some of y'all and Netflix.

However, most people don't know that my foundation in marketing + communications come from my photography + design background, so I have a trained eye for composition, lighting and overall aesthetics. But let’s be real, I know for the average person, this is not an easy feat.

So, guess what? I found you a solution!

A cant get this wrong solution.

A, if I see some more tacky product shots, it’s on you solution.

A solution that if you skipped the “4 for 4” twice at Wendy’s you could probably swing it.

A solution that with the 4 for 4’s you could probably swing it, too.

Now, y'all know I am not one for endorsing things unless they work. And I messed around and bought two, one for a client, and accidentally shipped the other to my home. I will just say that God was divinely intervening, so I could bless you all with this tea. We. Got. Y'all.

Alright here it is….

It’s a collapsible, portable tent for product shots. And it’s only ten dollars.

Ba-bay. This works wonders. And it’s only ten dollars.

Yes, Ten.

Ten Bucks.

40 Quarters.

Or 2.5 “4 for 4’s from Wendy's.

It’s a must have for anyone who has things to photograph.

Whether you're a designer that wants to take photos of your printed portfolio. A bath bomb boss who needs to make sure all the details are seen in your smelly delights. Or, my favorite, a blogging queen that wants to impress the client. This is a SMALL investment for you.

Alright, so I worked with my mom's $5 jewelry store to take these shots, so let me introduce you:

Here’s what it looks like set up:

This is what it looks like with the black OR white backgrounds:

These are the LED lights:

This is the raw finished product of this ring:

Here’s the result using a FREE App called Camera+, there is absolutely ZERO photoshop here:

An example of other photos I took with this tent:

This photo tent is on Amazon and if you're a Prime Member it get’s to you quickly and reliably. And if you don't like it or change your mind about not wanting the “4 for 4’s”, you can send it back. Oh, Amazon how I love thee.

Also, this is a 9x9 in size and probably works best for products under 4-5inches, if you have a bigger product, you may have to go up to a larger size, the 12x12 is $29.99.

Now, let me be clear, this is not a substitute for being official. I mean, setting the bar, competing with the big girls, official. If you want your brand to be next level, you may need to hire someone like Henri Creative (Whitney is the B-O-M-B!).

Otherwise, this should at least get you started.

I hope this helps, inspires, motivates someone to stop making excuses about what they don't have.

Let this be an example, that there are answers to EVERYTHING and affordable solutions to EVERYTHING.

Take it form this bootstrap queen that just wants you to be great.

So, here’s one idea. Leave the rest you want to know in the comments below.

Now, go buy it!