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Are you suffering from comparison-itis?

comparison-itis, noun, the temporary habit of comparing your entrepreneurial journey to others.

*Opens Instagram*, to yet another post that makes me feel like sh*t.

I have to be honest here. Instagram has been the single most anxiety driven tool in my life. Let me be clear, it’s not my personal page full of cute babies and my gorgeous line sisters, it’s the business one. The account that constantly has me comparing my entrepreneurial journey to others.

Right now, in this moment, I am writing this post because I am feeling a bit fatigued by "the announcements”, “the moves”, “the glow ups" and how often I find myself divulging in the lives of everyone else.

Yes, I’m everyone’s biggest cheerleader, and I love to see women win. But y’all, my pom’s pom’s are getting a little bit too heavy for me right now.

Surprised to hear this from me?

Well, guess what, we all go through it sometimes. Those small little moments of “I wish that was me”, or “I should be there, and what am I doing wrong”… is temporarily very present in my life.

Let this transparent moment show you that I am a work in progress, and never in a million years will I tell you that I don’t fall prey to comparison-itis sometimes.

Not to mention that the fast approaching New Year isn’t helping at all. Me counting down the days to yet another year and wondering how in the hell am I about to see another year, and still feel that I have “fell short”, as compared to my peers.

So, what am I going to do to shut down my case of comparison-itis?

Here’s my list:

  1. I’m shutting down social media - So to my favorite followers, sorry in advance, my posts will be scheduled and I will keep the app uninstalled until I feel that I am mentally and spiritually ready to welcome it back into my life… It's like when you have the flu, you have to rest, take some medicine, and nurse yourself back to health. I'm treating this like the flu.

  2. I’m joining a gym - Not to “lose weight” although that probably will happen, but mostly to retrain myself in discipline and focus. The second thing I dread most? My unraveling edges when I sweat. The first? My inability to be focused, and not having an outlet for all the stress I carry in my body. Plus, I think there is something to be said about not aligning fitness with the new year. (you'll get that later...)

  3. I’m writing a list of all that I did accomplish - Because hell, beyond what I think on the surface, I actually did do some amazing things this year. It's the act of isolating these thoughts and see them in a tangible way so that the feeling of accomplishment manifests just as strongly in my life as what I see on my social timeline.

  4. I’m creating and meeting some tough goals to complete by year end - There’s no greater way to welcome a new year, than to tackle your Q1 goals before Q1 get’s here. So, I’ll be grinding in my post-gym clothes until these babies have been accomplished.

  5. I’m talking to my business circle - I am blessed to have some major support with some of thee most amazing women ever. Beyond business, they’re fabulous mom’s, friends, bosses, sisters, and friends. In times like these, I lean on them. So if you don't have a circle, start assembling it now.

I am not writing this post to tell you what you should do, because fighting comparison-itis is a battle you have to fight your own way. But I hope to inspire you to recognize that as we approach the holidays and the new year, this could be you, too.

The other day I posted this on Facebook, because I was compelled to do so (didn’t realize that i’d be led to write this post, but anyway…), here it is:

Auntie Oprah got this so right.

Let’s stand up against society’s constant call for comparison. Let’s know that God won’t give us more until we start appreciating what He has given us. I challenge you to be thankful for ALL that you have accomplished.

So, on to doing the work….

You’ve seen my list. What’s yours? What are two things you are most proud of this year?