Inspired by her grandfather who owned a brick and mortar barbershop in the '50s and her dad who grew a commercial landscaping company in his early twenties, Taylar earned her first lesson in entrepreneurship by building, and working her own lemonade stand at just eight years old. It was then that both the marketer and the entrepreneur within her was ignited.

With more than a decade of marketing experience under her belt, Taylar’s ability to help corporate and personal brands find solutions to their marketing challenges made her a highly sought after consultant. Her talent for creating high-level strategy, branding assets, and measurable tactics for corporations led her to formerly work with companies including Hyatt, Nielsen, Samsung, Verizon, and Kraft Foods. In addition to entrepreneurship and corporate positions, Taylar has also worked as a high school special needs educator. In this role, she honed invaluable skills like community building and effective teaching practices.

From her unique insight into brand marketing, her experience as a teacher, and love for community building, Taylar was inspired to create and launch Cliquish® in 2018. Cliquish is a mission-driven company that teaches the business of content creation to more than 10,000 women content creators across the globe. Through a designed curriculum and interactive programming, Cliquish educates women on how to build, grow, and profit from their online brands.


Cliquish fills a void that she often noticed with her marketing clients and personal experience with influencers: an educated workforce. The company was founded to not only teach content creators on how to be entrepreneurial but to also positively impact the workforce of the influencer marketing industry.


Today, Taylar can be found creating a strategy for Cliquish's business development, working with her team, rolling up her sleeves to lead a panel or a workshop for content creators, or exploring her next big adventure with her husband, James. Her vision matches her work ethic as a trailblazer in marketing, and she believes wholeheartedly in the development of women in business and digital, as well as the cultivation of inclusive communities where those women can thrive.


“Cliquish will lead the professional and entrepreneurial development of content creators and be a force in bridging the gap in the influencer marketing industry. Cliquish is prepared to impact 100,000 content creators with its education efforts by 2021, and we’re just getting started.” – Taylar Barrington, Founder of Cliquish®